Dry Reef Rock - 50 lbs

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A 50 pound box of premium dry reef rock.


Smart Reef Rock

from Reef Rock Shop

We liked the rock so much we bought the quarry! The only rock on the market tested* to be phosphate free. Reef friendly, mined from ancient reef beds that time and nature transformed in to the best possible rock for your saltwater aquarium. Made of calcium carbonate (coral skeleton) our Smart Reef Rock provides readily available natural calcium, alkalinity, and pH buffer. Pure rock, no additives like purple paint, or crushed down and reformed with concrete. We take rock like it is found in nature. We then prepare the Smart Reef Rock by pressure washing the rock at 5000 psi to remove all the sand, sediment, and organic materials. Then let it dry and cure for 2 weeks in the Florida sun before boxing it up for your aquarium. It is this level of prep that makes our Smart Reef Rock different. Our attention to detail ensures you are not paying for sand, slit, or even worse, organic material which can spark an algae bloom.

We understand there are many different tanks as there are people so we offer you a choice of different sized rock for the same price. Got a 75 gallon but want some really monster rocks? Choose Large and you will get 2 or 3 rocks some as big as 30 pounds each. Or choose our Medium for 4-6 rocks to fill out the structure of your reef. Get the Small to finish out your reef and get 7 or more rocks to add accent and detail to your reef.

Large = up to 3 rocks

Medium = 4-6 rocks

Small = 7+ rocks

A portion of all sales go toward world wide reef restoration, coastal wetland preservation, and oyster bed seeding.

*Before you order from someone else, ask to see their test results.


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