FOWLR Macro Probiotic Salt

FOWLR Macro Probiotic Salt

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FOWLR Macro Probiotic Salt™ is scientifically formulated to contain the proper levels to maintain a FOWLR (Fish Only with Life Rock) tank. However, even though its designed for a FOWLR tank it can be used for all aquarium types depending on your concentration requirements.

OWLR Essential™ FOWLR Macro Probiotic Salt™ is scientifically formulated in a humidity-controlled environment to provide you with one of the purest & most stable salts in the world.

This salt is a hybrid between natural seawater and synthetic salt; combining many of the benefits of natural seawater with the consistency and purity of a synthetic mix. This salt contains natural macrobiotics, probiotics as well as vitamin precursors which help to improve mineral content, promote beneficial bacteria growth & enhance fish vitality.

The foundation of this salt is sodium chloride which is sourced from the pristine natural seawater located in South Australia. Natural seawater contains over 70 elements and provides the sodium chloride for our FOWLR Macro Probiotic along with our LPS Macro Probiotic, Mixed Macro Probiotic & SPS Macro Probiotic Salts.

Years of scientific research as well as enthusiast feedback, we have tweaked both element & compound concentrations to provide you with a salt that is optimized to help enhance fish health & vitality in FOWLR environments.


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